Digital Transformation Thought Leaders (DXTL)

A community and programs for all the stakeholders in digital transformation of the enterprise

Programs and Services for Three Audiences


Enterprise Community

Over 3,000 DXTL and MTL members, professionals involved with mobility and digitial initiatives in the enterprise, participate in our programs each year

DXTL Programs

Service Providers

Technology Service Providers who support mobility or digital transformation efforts in the enterprise can utilize DXTL programs

OEM Programs

Technology Providers

OEM Technology Companies that support a TSP channel need consistent programs to help the enterprise though the DX journey. The DXTL programs provide

All DXTL actives are designed to provide efficient, optimized value to our client partners while also fulfilling the needs of OEM technologies vendors and the DXTL Community members that are future prospects and customers. DXTL provides rich engagement opportunities for all the stakeholders that can be leveraged to deliver value to all simultaneously.

Service Provider Sales & Marketing Programs

Content Services

If you have a working marketing and sales engine, then all you need is the Content Service. The inputs to the process for content development are a set of technologies and services that you would like to present to the community and gather feedback on and the format you would like to use to engage. You get a package of content and descriptions of that content that you can plug into your sales and marketing engagement engine. Content projects can include any of the following activities and deliverables:

  • Webinars
  • White papers
  • Research projects
  • Infographics
  • Customer innovation days
  • Videos and Animations
  • Podcasts

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Context & Sequence

If you need help achieving specific goals within your sales & marketing engine, the Context & Sequence Service is designed to address your needs. The inputs to the process are a campaign goal and a budget. A package of Content and activities will be sequenced, designed to deliver specific outcomes with time and budget being the primary variables. DXTL content and other content sources can be included in the design. All communications and interactions with DXTL members and partner customers are included in the design, including versions of sales letters, call scripts and marketing outreach for each of the applicable DXTL content tracks and personas. The output is a project plan that is executed around the sequenced content and communications and, by default, is intended to be executed over 90 days, adjusted and repeated.

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Metrics & Management

The Metrics & Management Service provides a holistic approach to the development of a sales and marketing engine. For organizations that need to operationalize the connectivity between their sales and marketing engine and the rest of their business goals, the Metrics & Management package provides the portions of a CMO and a CRO dedicated to establishing the methods of measuring the effectiveness of campaigns and the oversight for those campaigns, including data gathering and engagement with all the customer-facing portions of the organization.

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